About Lake Apparel

The Brand

Established in May 2020, the Lake Apparel brand celebrates the charm of lakeside living through a delightful array of products perfect for those who cherish lake life. From cozy t-shirts and sweatshirts to stylish hats and souvenirs like patches and mugs, each item embodies the essence of lakeside living. What sets Lake Apparel apart is its commitment to sustainability. All products are made-to-order, a conscious choice to minimize waste and lessen the environmental footprint.


Our location along beautiful Oneida Lake in upstate New York inspired us to create a small sustainable manufacturing facility. Our aesthetic flows from nature without sacrificing style.

Lake Apparel’s designs come from the owner, Timea Rich herself. As the business owner, Timea is not just the creative mind; she’s also the hands behind the production. Every design is a reflection of her love for nature, her passion for graphic design, and her deep appreciation for the beauty of lakeside living.

Lake Apparel Adirondack Patch

Meet Lake Apparel's Owner: Timea Rich

Hailing from Slovakia in Central Europe, Timea made the life-changing decision to move to the United States in 2018 to be with her boyfriend, now husband, who is from the Oneida Lake area.

Quickly falling in love with the lake lifestyle, Timea found herself drawn to the serenity of the water, the thrill of boating, the excitement of fishing, and the awe-inspiring sunsets that painted the sky. Her weekends were spent exploring the Adirondacks. It was amidst this backdrop of natural beauty that the idea of Lake Apparel began to take shape.

With unwavering determination, Timea poured her heart and soul into Lake Apparel, investing all her savings into the business, while juggling a full-time job along with a part-time one. Her background in marketing, coupled with her certifications as an SEO specialist and WordPress web developer, provided the foundation for her business. But it was her passion for nature, boating, photography, and graphic design, that gave Lake Apparel its soul.

When you support Lake Apparel, you’re not just purchasing clothing or accessories; you’re supporting a small business.

Lake Apparel Owner